Artist Biography

AUSRA (b. 1974) Lithuania

Ausra was born in 1974 in Kaunas, Lithuania and started studying in an Art school in Kaunas when she was 12. She continued studying at Vilnius Art Academy, specializing in Graphic Arts.

In 2001, she moved to France to Fine Arts at the Academy of Art in Arraa, specializing in stained glass. Since 2006, she is registered with Paris Artists Association (Maison des Artistes).

Over the years, she has participated in over 40 exhibitions in France and Lithuania. Her works have been bought by municipalities, banks, private collections and individuals. At the same time, she created and restored stained glass works for schools, municipalities and old folks’ homes in France and Belgium. Her works are highly valued within the artists community.

She has won many awards including

Premier Prix Le Salon “Paul Bellon” St Nicolas 2003

Premier Prix, Drawing “Expo Contact” Arras 2003

Premier Prix, Water Colours, Beaux Art Arras 2004

Premier Prix “Arts et Lettres” Leventie 2005

Premier Prix “Salon des Arts” Brettville sur Ay 2011

Her works are divided into periods with each having its own dedicated series.

When she came to Singapore at the end of 2013, she started a new series called “Mon Singapour” (My Singapore).

Lee Ruixiang (b.1989, Singapore)

Lee Ruixiang graduated with a Diploma of Fine Arts (Printmaking) from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.

His works are greatly influenced by movies and mythology mixed with contemporary culture. With comics as inspiration, he has decided to reinvent himself as a superhero despite a complete lack of super powers. Through woodcut and other printmaking techniques, he has created a distinctive style that draws on the obsessions of our culture, the desire to be or become, resulting in provoking, humorous and sometimes controversial works.

He has participated in group exhibitions including the !st Macao Printmaking Triennal in Macao as well as at local galleries and Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts shows.



Sunar Sugiyou (b.1961, Singapore)

Once mistaken for a Chinese ink master, Sunar Sugiyou is a prolific artist of almost 30 years experience. A pioneer graduate of St Patrick’s Art Centre (now LASALLE College of the Arts), he shoed his first works at the Shell Discovery Art Exhibition (1986) and received high commendations at the Australian Art Awards (1987) and the IBM Art Awards (1988). Sunar has exhibited in Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, Shanghai and Hong Kong. His most recent solo exhibition ‘Home’ was in July 2013 at the Fullerton Hotel, Singapore. In September 2014, he had a group exhibition with called “Tiga Malam” at the Alliance Francaise.

A third-generation artist, Sunar attribute his steady rise in the arts scene to his mentors, Mr Jaafar Latif and Mr Iskandar Jalil, well-known Singapore artists. His works are in oils, acrylic, collage, mixed media, installations but he is especially noted for his works in Chinese ink, a medium he fell in love with.

Some of his works are in the collection of the National Museum of Singapore, National University of Singapore, DBS Bank, Economic Development Board, National Computer Board, Exxon Mobil, as well as royal families from the neghbouring countries and private collectors in Singapore, Malaysia and overseas.


Yen Chua (b. 1971, Singapore)

Yen is an established artist in Singapore who has created a large body of works over the years.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting) from the San Francisco Art Institute, a Masters of Arts, Research from National Institute of Education, Singapore, Masters of Art, Art Therapy (LASALLE College of the Arts, OUVA) as well as a Diploma in Chinese Painting from the Beijing Central Academy of Fine Arts, China.

She has been an artist since 1990 and at the same time, an Art Therapist since 2007, as well as lecturing at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore and conducting workshops.

She has participated in many art exhibitions in Honolulu, San Francisco and Singapore and her works have won many awards.

Many of her works are in the collections of museums, government ministries, corporations, hotels, fellow artists and private collectors.