Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the difference between Artifolks and other galleries?

Artifolks was set up to offer quality original art works at affordable prices. We believe that with prices just a bit more than posters and other home decorative pieces, quality original art is now an affordable option for decorating your walls and other living spaces, or as perfect gifts for house-warming and other special occasions. Read more about us here.

2. How affordable is affordable?

Our retail prices are from S$50 to S$980 (USD 40 – 780) for original art works. For limited edition prints, they range from S$68 – S$480 (USD 55-380). View our art works here.

3. Do your prices include frames?

Yes. All paintings, except those on canvas, are framed, ready to hang.

4. What is the quality of your art works?

We believe that the quality of the works we showcase are high even though prices are very affordable. All our art works are carefully selected with input from our art guy who is an established artist/curator in Singapore.

5. Who are the artists of the works?

They are mainly Singapore artists, some very senior with over 30 years as an artist, and some very talented young artists. We also have a few pieces of works from an Italian and a Chinese artist.

6. How do you keep your quality up and prices low?

Like good food need not be expensive, same for art. There are many very good artists, even in Singapore, who are new, relatively unknown or under-represented. Their works can be very good and yet very affordable. We work with them directly. Also most of the art works we stock are the smaller pieces, nothing larger than 85cm, perfect for our increasingly smaller living spaces.

7. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to operate as an online store instead of having an actual retail shop?

We may save some expenses but we strongly believe that one needs to see and ‘feel’ the actual art piece before buying. Such an experience is only possible with a physical shop.

8. I like nice things but I don’t know anything about art.

You buy things because you like them, they are useful and you can afford to. So is buying art. An art work can set the mood of the space it is in. Start with one, and when you see another one that you like later, then buy it.

9. The art piece I bought did not seem to fit well with the space I had in mind. What can I do?

No problems. Bring it back within 30 days in the original condition, with the receipt. You can exchange it for another piece or get a full refund. We want to make sure that all our customers are happy with what they have bought.

10. Will the art works I buy from you appreciate in value?

We honestly don’t know. Maybe one day, if one of our artists’ works becomes highly sought after, prices will then appreciate. But as they are originals and only 1 piece, it will not get cheaper.

11. I am an artist with some works. Would you be interested?

We are always looking for quality works from all artists in all media and genres. Contact us, preferably with photos, size, media and other information of your art works for us to consider.

12. How do I contact you for more questions?

You can reach us at, call us at 97896262 or visit us at the shop at #4-036 Peninsula Shopping Centre, 3 Coleman Street, Singapore 179804 . The nearest MRT station is City Hall Interchange, about 150m away.